Food, Glorious Food


Some recipes just beg to be shared! Links below will take you to recipes we’ve tried and loved. Some we’ve found in current books; others we’ve developed ourselves.

Spiced Gingerbread Cake Bars – A cake-like bar cookie filled with gingery spices and molasses

Fruit Cake – It isn't just for Christmas!

Blondies - decadent, scrumptous and easy!

Lettuce & Lovage Soup – To serve either hot or cold

Chicken with Olives and Capers – Simple, quick, scrumy. Especially with…

Lemon Feta Potato Salad – Goes particularly well with Sweets Paul's chicken recipe, above

Overnight Coffee Cake – A brilliant make-ahead batter topped with almost whatever you like

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For Bookies

From time to time, our customers share website or blogs or postings or videos that are of more than usual interest for book lovers. If you come across a site that is particularly entertaining or fascinating, we'd love to share it; e-mail us the details by clicking here!

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& more besides

People & Places in the Wider World

Why limit ourselves to East Sussex? Here are some people and places we like and admire!

  • Artist Jo Roberts works with maps, with pen and ink, with thread and needle… and with a printing press to die for!

  • Re – Found Objects – Memorably, RE took over space at Libertys in London awhile back. We still sigh over the treasures we found there. Fortunately, their website is still offering solutions for challenges you didn't even know you had; we can't even imagine what their shop in Corbridge must be like. Heaven, perhaps.

  • Firmdale Hotels – London, bastion of civilisation, baffles would-be visitors who seek a friendly welcome and a comfortable room. Be baffled no more; here are hotels, restaurants and bars scattered around the city that are filled with fabulous art and populated by the nicest staff imaginable! Top tip: The Haymarket Hotel, and Brumus Restaurant on Haymarket Street!


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