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A Bag for Book-Lovers

Our sturdy bag can tote a stack of books – but also serves to hold groceries, sewing projects, vinyl records . . . or almost anything you care to carry. And its padded handles won't hurt your hand!

Made from unbleached canvas, the bags are a generous 29cm wide, 31cm tall and 20cm deep; the handle stands 15cm above the top. They are coated on the interior to help protect your books.

And you won't have overlooked the handsome design printed on one side . . .

For just £5, you can enjoy the benefits of a hefyt, tough, long-lasting tote bag that is as handsome as it is rugged!

Stop in for your own bag - or order yours now and we'll post it to you for just £3.50 (in the UK only). This button will let you order your bag, paying with a major card or a Paypal account: