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Writing at Prospero’s Project

Whether you’re a published author or if you just like to write for your own enjoyment, you might need a quiet place to gather your thoughts and commit them to paper. So we've arranged a special space where you can focus on your writing, look for inspiration, think through your plots, arrange your rhyme scheme or assemble a to-do list . . .

We celebrate every step in the process of making books – and it all starts with somebody working on a keyboard or holding a pen to paper.

So one of our first-floor rooms has doors to offer privacy, and a desk with good lighting to help you focus on your work.

The desk is surrounded by wonderful old and antiquarian books to help inspire you.

And you can’t write without plenty of tea or coffee (obviously!), so we have facilities available for you to brew up.

And wifi is available, so you don’t need to be cut off from the outside world – unless you want to be!

Need some ideas or support? We offer an array of specialist magazines about writing for you to browse and enjoy.

Hourly Rates

We offer one-hour modules during regular store hours, with half-hour breaks mandatory every two hours (in case other customers might want to browse books in the writing room). The room may be used out-of-hours, but only by special arrangement.

Cost: £10 per hour (includes free entry to Prospero’s Project).

Please e-mail us to start making arrangements.