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Craft Workshops and Meetings at Prospero’s Project

Does your book group want to meet in a bookshop?

Do you want to lead a craft workshop?

There’s a great space for you at Prospero’s Project!

Our first-floor craft and meeting room features a table for eight to ten people. It is a comfortable, book-lined space with good lighting for creative projects and gatherings.

Our basic rate for use of the room during normal opening times is £20 per hour.

But we may be able to offer advantageous rates for community groups and reading clubs. And we may also be able to offer special shop discounts for meeting participants.

For evening and early-morning gatherings we add staffing costs to the basic fees.

We have a small kitchenette where you can make tea or coffee. You will  generally be expected to bring your own refreshments, but we have glasses, plates and cutlery for your use.

Meeting and workshop participants enjoy free access to Prospero’s Project (the usual charge is £2 per person – learn details about this here).

Please click here to e-mail us about arranging a meeting or bookgroup get-together at Much Ado.

Craft Workshops

We work with the crafting community in different ways, and hope to make our space a pleasure to use for participants and workshop leaders alike.

Our table can set up to 10, but most workshop leaders prefer to limit the number of participants to 8. Additional tables and surfaces are available, along with electric points and extra lighting. There is a working sink near the workspace for cleanup.

We have facilitated various workshops, and worked with leaders to create successful events. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together!