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Ordering New Books Directly from us

We are happy to order any in-print book – and if you can't visit the shop in person to collect it, we post throughout the world.

Buying a present? Let us make your book into an eye-catching gift with a hand-made tag and a piece of chocolate or a tea bag attached for the recipient to enjoy - for free! (Free wrapping for books costing £10 or more; otherwise, £2 per volume please.)

To order a book from us, call on 01323 871222 or e-mail us by clicking here.

An Alternative to Ordering from the A-word

We know some customer love our shop - but still prefer to order books on-line, with the convenience and ease of a well-developed website.

If this sounds like you, but you want to a) avoid tax-avoiders and b) support an independent shop, we’d recommend you think about a website called Hive.

It offers all the books you would expect – and more; there are e-books and DVDs and CDs and stationery and even Google e-books (whatever the heck they are).

It is easy to use, secure, and offers lots of discounts and sales and extras and bits and bobs, if you want them.

But the site has an extra benefit: You can nominate your favourite Indy bookshop to benefit whenever you order a book, at no extra cost to yourself! The shop you specify will earn a fraction of a percentage of a bit on every purchase you make – which, as any shop benefitting will tell you, is infinitely better than earning nothing.

We know that browsing a shop is much more satisfying than browsing on-line. But if you have to buy from a website, Hive tries to offer a modicum of support for indy bookshops like Much Ado.

Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Check out Hive by clicking here! (The link will open a new window in your browser.)