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The BOM launch event is set for Saturday 24 February, from 3 to 4pm. We'll hold it at Much Ado, with light refreshments on offer - and a tour of the renovation works that are in progress - much has happened in the past few weeks!

February Book of the Month:

Vesna Goldsworthy's Monsieur Ka

We were entranced by this novel, set in post-World War II London where a young Frenchwoman becomes involved with Russian emigrees and meets an aging gentleman with a remarkable family history.

Goldsworthy's second novel offers many pleasures (some of you will remember her first novel, Gorsky). Besides a compelling protagonist and the memorable portrait of England during the unusually arctic winter of 1947, you'll find a sharp-eyed observation of the emigrant experience, the ways language can bedevil, and English manners – all wrapped in layers of deceit, discovery, love and conflicting loyalty.

We made Monsieur Ka our February Book of the Month because it is engrossing and beautiful, because it made us laugh (oh, you English! Your language! Your manners!), and because Goldsworthy's imaginative intertwining of Anna Karenina's story is at once complex and straight-forward - the human themes of language and love and family history that are  mainstays of Tolstoy's tale are all present, but - (how to put it?) - Anglo-fied.

That's enough high-falutin' language. By turns charming, funny, twisted and moving, Monsiur Ka is a page-turning pleasure!

We're hosting a BOMC launch for Monsieur Ka so you can stop by, raise a glass (don't be surprised if you find icy vodka on the table!), see the state of our renovations, and take home this wonderful book - all for just £10.50 (the cover price of the hardback is £12.99).

Plus, by pre-ordering the book you can reserve a place at our Monsieur Ka book club discussion, planned for the afternoon of Saturday 24 March (reserve your place by e-mailing us when you order your book).

Use the button below to pre-order the book for £10.50. Use the drop-down menu to let us know if you are coming to the launch; if you need to pick up the book another time; or if you want it posted (costing £4 in the UK).

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