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Lucretius: The Poet who made Epicurus' Philosophy Memorable

If you think Epicurus was just a hedonist, all about greed and gluttony… how wrong you are!

This session will challenge that stereotype, which is almost the reverse of the truth, by exploring the work of Lucretius, a first century BCE Roman poet, whose only poem (On the Nature of Things) is a brilliant exposition of the philosophy of Epicurus.

Given that Epicurus wrote dry philosophical prose, and disdained poetry, how did Lucretius immortalise his ideas in such a superb poem?

On 21 March at 7.30 prompt, David Soulsby, our resident classical scholar, will give a short talk on Epicurus and Lucretius – after which the group will get to grips with translations of some of the most memorable passages of the poem.

Do book early! Tickets cost £7.50, including light refreshments; £5 from each ticket will befenfit the Alfriston Village School.

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