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In an Old House: The 500-year history of a Sussex yeoman's farmstead and its people

More than just the history of a house, Peter and Sally Varlow have produced an extraordinary book of social, archaeological, and historical interest.

Copiously illustrated, the book is scholarly but bright and readable. It offers a comprehensive look at a yeoman's house, from its origins in the late-1400s. Politics and economics and family rellationships all play a role in the building's creation and in the centuries that saw it change, bit by bit.

From the complex timber framework to the brickwork cladding; from farming practices that led to prosperity, to changes in family fortune that see land being sold off; from plank doors to symbols for warding off evil – this is no ordinary account. It is a detailed, revalatory history that touches on historical transformations, relationships and aesthetics.

Featuring colour illustrations, this hardback is 306 pages long, including the index. £30.

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