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Diary of a Bookseller

For years, customers have been suggesting we should write a book about our experiences as booksellers. Now, we don't have to - because Shaun Bythell has written a funny, smart, entertaining account of life in his Scottish bookshop.

The Diary of a Bookseller follows the ups and downs of The Bookshop, in Scotlands 'Book Town', Wigtown. For anyone unfortunate enough not to be a bookseller, it offers an eye-opening vision of the pressures and difficulties of running a second-hand bookstore.

Bythell has earned a reputation as a smart, dedicated and hard-working bookseller - but his book is charming and self-deprecating, disguising perhaps his creative skills and efforts. But the good humour of the book doesn't hide his clear-eyed view of bookselling in the 21st Century with all its pitfalls and challenges, as well as its pleasures.

From employees who are cheerfully unindustrious to customers with weird and requests, Blythell's behind-the-counter observations are hilarious, as well as incisvie; we have little to add to his professional judgements about on-line bookselling, the state of the industry and the charms of the job.

So if you've ever wondered about what its like to be a bookseller, you don't have to ask us: You can simply buy a book. Stop in for a browse, or use the button below to buy a copy posted directly to you (it costs £14.99; postage in the UK costs £4.)