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The Curwen Press: Printing Blocks


The remarkable story of a remarkable press - told through the collection of its printing blocks in a beautiful limited edition book

The Curwen Press was one of the most respected printers of its time. Artists including Edward Ardizzone, Paul Nash, Enid Marx and other luminaries worked with them, attracted by the company's skilled workforce.

But working with famed artists was only a part of the Curwen Press story, and Stuart McMinn has produced a remarkable, lovely limited edition volume celebrating all aspects of the press.

The Curwen Press: Printing Blocks was possible because Stuart purchased the entire collection of printing blocks when the press went into receivership in the 1980s. Besides featuring a remarkable tipped-in re-strike of an original John Nash illustration, the book presents reproductions of blocks carved both by famed and unknown artists, from young children to crafters.

"They would print anything" says Stuart. "They were jobbing printers. If you needed bus tickets printed, they would print them."

"I want to show the Curwen Press was involved in everything – Bawden, Ravilious, Nash and all those people, but also so much more," he adds.

Only 100 copies of this book have been produced, individually numbered - and Stuart has signed copies for Much Ado!

Stop by to see one, while supplies last – or purchase on line with the button below (you can pay with a credit or debit card, or a Paypal account). The book costs £45; postage within the uk is £6. (Live overseas? Contact us for details about postage by clicking here . . . )