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From time to time, our customers share website or blogs or postings or videos that are of more than usual interest for book lovers. (The links below will point you browser to web address away from Much Ado - but of course, you'll want to come back!)

If you come across a site that is particularly entertaining or fascinating, we'd love to share it; e-mail us the details by clicking here!

A bookshop blog – offers reviews of bookshops around the UK (and even a review from the world of the interweb thiggie!). Terrific, insightful opinions and a well-designed blog with a geographical index, so you can find bookshops you want to visit!

Harris & Harris Books (in Clare, Suffolk) is run by a former associate who graduated into the real world of bookselling, and is earning kudos from loyal customers who discover what a great bookshop should be when they walk in through her door!

A favourite romantic video - A Girl who Reads!

A book sculpture to dream about! (Thanks to Anne Robbins)

A brilliant, funny animated treat (for when you have at least 15 minutes . . .) (Thanks to Eric)

A bookseller in a warzone (Thanks to Eric)

Stack 'em high - and weird - The art of book stacking is taken very seriously in Japan

Author Jen Campbell wrote the terrific The Bookshop Book