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A Bloomsbury Souvenir


Artist Alice Pattullo has created a charming accordian-fold piece celebrating her visit to the Charleston Farmhouse

The Sussex home of the Bloomsbury Group provided ample inspiration for Alice, who responded to the visual pleasures of the house by creating her own interpretation of the designs and artwork she found there.

Alice's concertina is craft printed, using four-colour spot lithography to give a depth and luminosity of colour that digital printing cannot achieve. The format is 'borrowed' from those seaside postcard panoramas that were common in the 1950s; the thirteen double-sided panels unfold into a little book that raises smiles in everyone who sees it.

A Bloomsbury Souvenir costs £10 - stop by to see it for yourself, or order your copy with the button below and let us post it to you for just £3 (in the UK only - overseas customers should e-mail us for posting costs)