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Ways to see Great Britain (with some inspiration for local sites!)

Alice Stevenson - Ways to See Great Britain

Driven by curiosity, restlessness and a desire to better understand her own country, artist Alice Stevenson spent two years exploring and drawing Great Britain.

With an eye for the odd and an antenna for the unexpectedly beautiful, she documented her slow, attentive forays: steam trains in Snowdonia, art galleries on remove Scottish islands, Kent coastlines, Dorset villages, East Anglian saltmarshes, the erstwhile utopias of Harlow and Portmeirion and the wild fells of eastern Cumbria. From rural countryside to densely-populated cities, including Hull and Plymouth, Belfast and Edinburgh.

The result is a book celebrating details that may escape the casual eye – a rich, artistic and entertaining journey through a land deep in natural and man-made puzzles and wonders.

Ways to see Great Britain offers inspiration for your own travels, and would make a gift for somebody thinking about a jaunt (and don't forget our free gitf wrapping!).

This quirky, lovely hardback costs £12.99. Stop in for a look – or order your copy on-line, using the button below to pay using a credit or debit card of a Paypal account. Postage (in the UK only) costs £4.