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Tea with Simon Edge

When: 3:30 for 4pm, Sunday 1 October

Where: The Barn at Much Ado Books

Tickets: £5 – including light refreshments and £5 off the price of the £8.99 book

The Hopkins Conundrum Tea Event

Poetry, nuns, love, death, pubs . . . The Hopkins Conundrum brings them all together, and more. Join author Simon Edge for a teatime chat about Gerard Manley Hopkins, shipwrecks, and the process of writing his novel . . .

A hapless publican hits on a unique plan to save his pub: Attract fans of Gerard Manley Hopkins by introducing his major work to a novelist famous for his conspiracy theories. What could possibly go wrong?

Simon Edge's novel offers laugh-out-loud set pieces as well as a remarkable glimpse of the poetic sensibility, a humane vision of the religious life, and a warm portrait of romance. We read it aloud, and found ourselves gripped by the different storylines and the range of characters.

Join us on Sunday 1 October for a delightful afternoon with Simon Edge. Light refreshments will be served, of course, and the ticket price includes £5 off the £8.99 cover price of the book.

Space is limited; stop in to secure your place, or use the button below to pay using a credit or debit card or a Paypal account.

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