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What if you don't want every to know you're reading The Amorous Adventures of a Lady of Quality . . .

Or if you just want to swaddle and spoil your book . . .

These handmade felt book wraps are just the thing!

Protect Your Book (and your privacy) with Lovely Felt Book Wrappers!

Commuting on a train, tripping on a plane or hanging out in the lobby of a swish hotel, you may not want everyone to know what you're reading, whether it is or Lady Chatterly or Political Protest for Dummies or something even spicier . . . These stylish wrappers protect your privacy and keep your books safe, too!

Hand-made in Poland by a skilled crafter, they are lightweight, feel great, and look gorgeous - no matter what book you wrap in one . . .

They are designed for books up to 19cm tall – large-format paperbacks and small-scale hardbacks nestle neatly.

Choose your highlight coulour: Dark red; charming gray; subtle orange; or spicy green.

Drop in for a look, or order yours now using the button below and either a debit or a credit card, or a Paypal account. Price: £17.50. Postage in the UK:£3. (Live outside the country? E-mail for costs . . .)

The Paypal button below includes a choice of accent colours. If your choice isn't available, we'll offer another option - or if your prefer, refund the payment.

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